Do you Want a Homeschool Art Curriculum
to Inspire Your Artist?

Do you know what your teen needs to study art?

  • Art may not be your strength leaving you unsure know how to teach it.
  • Many step-by-step art books feature copy-me art that just bores teens.  
  • Is your artist tired of copying and want to be inspired and empowered to make their own art? 

Hi, I'm Crystal, a self trained artist and mother. My goal is to inspire and enable young artists to make their own unique works of art!

What's the biggest problem with most available art curriculum?

Walk into your local craft store and pick up any how to draw art book.  What do you find in it? Step 1: Draw this shape.  Step 2: Add two lines there and there.  Step 3... and so on until you've got a rabbit, or whatever.  The book teaches a formula.  And formulas are boring.

Although formulas can help a young artist quickly complete basic drawings, you can only draw a rabbit the same way so many times before it gets boring. And, is it really even your art if you're just copying someone else?

There's a reason that step-by-step books and follow along video lessons are so popular.  It's for the benefit of the teacher.  An artist can endlessly make new lessons as long as all they do is step by step.  For example; Bob Ross did 381 video lessons, all in the same style of painting. Wouldn't it be in the student's best interest to learn the skills and techniques they need to make their own art? 

That's what the public high school art teachers do.  They teach their students the skills, principles and techniques required to make art. They get paid no matter what and have only a short time with each student, so they teach them what they need and don't waste time with copy me lessons.  Shouldn't your student get the same benefit, or better?

Is your teen being challenged to express themselves or to copy someone else?

Your teen is full of vibrancy and stamina.  They want to be challenged.  They need to be challenged.  Will the art curriculum you get for them challenge them? If not, they'll be bored.  I know. I watch art video lessons sometimes.  Once I get the point I fast forward... who wants to watch an hour long painting lesson when you can get the concepts in 10 or 20 minutes and move on to doing your own painting. 

Give them what they need and let them make art! Let them make their own art!

If you're looking for a high school level art curriculum and you look at samples of student artwork and they all look the same, run away fast!  Just think about it.. with siblings, if you were going to use the same curriculum for both would they enjoy having duplicate drawings? How about instead we go against the current?  

How about allowing creativity and imagination? What if everyone's art was unique?

Artistic personalities like to try something different. It may not always turn out, but imagine if Monet hadn't let himself try anything new, and we never had his beautiful impressionist paintings!

When I paint, I often feel like stopping before I've taken it as far as I can...

When I was a student painting my first still life, I told my art teacher I was finished about six times before he told me I was finished.  Now I'm not sure if he just wanted to keep me busy, but I've always appreciated that he pushed me to be my best.  

Just like in sports, artists need coaches and cheer leaders too.  Not necessarily to teach them, but to push them.  With every artist and every athlete there's only so far the teacher can take them, and after that it's practice and experience that will teach them what works best for them.  If they push themselves. 

​A drawing that is half done teaches very little, but one that is labored over will stretch even a skilled artist. 

Artists should receive feedback and encouragement from other artists to show them where and how to improve their art.  They should also learn to give constructive criticisms to other artists.  Art is meant to be shared. Peers can act as coaches and cheerleaders encouraging young artists to not settle for less than their best. 

Here is some art that I'm proud of... 

Art should mean something special to the artist.  Either the subject is personal, they were challenged and overcame or simply they found satisfaction and pleasure in making their art.  These are some samples of art that mean something special to me.  Would you like to see your teen make art that matters to them?

I drew this a late night after going for a skate down the street. 

A happy memory with my daughter.

I love tigers. My husband challenged me to paint this.

What does a teen artist need?

  • To learn the skills, principles and techniques to draw whatever they want.  
    Please, whatever you choose for art, your teen deserves better than copy-me, step-by-step art!  Let them learn how to draw what they want with realism!
  • They need to be challenged. 
    Artists need to be pressed to go further and do more with their art.  They can interact with fellow artists and receive feedback and encouragement and do more than they thought possible. 
  • The art they make should matter to them. 
    Everyone has their own style, their own thoughts, their own dreams.  Art is a way to be creative and express ourselves.  Let them be their own artist!

As a self trained artist I thought I could do something different... 

I'm a self trained artist.  What does that mean? It means I haven't gone to an art college, other than the four years in high school I received no direct instruction, and for the last ten years I've done art just for the pure joy of it. I've had some success. I've sold some art along the way, given some gifts and had my art shown in a gallery, but by many artists standards I could be considered amateur. 

But, having taught myself and continuing to teach myself... I know the biggest lessons come from doing.  I can teach the techniques and principles, and let students have the freedom to practice and explore.  To make their own art and develop their own style without forcing them to learn my formulas. 

I can teach more in less time, freeing up time to do art!

If I choose to teach only what students need and challenge them to make their own art, then I can efficiently teach important lessons in short videos 10-20 minutes long.  Shorter videos will appeal to modern teens and will  propel students into challenging week long art projects.  

Because the art projects will encourage imagination and creativity and are not step-by-step every student's art will be unique.  Student's art will mean something to them; they will own it.   

And, I want to build a community of artists, where student's current and past can come together for feedback and encouragement.  This will make it possible for homeschool students to get fair marks for their art that they can proudly record on their transcripts. 

I built an imaginative, creative art curriculum...

Here it is: Inspire My Artist 1.0

​My curriculum is a progressive online video based high school level art curriculum.  It teaches the skills, principles and techniques necessary to draw realistically and explores multiple mediums.  Inspire my Artist curriculum will be released in two parts 1.0 and 2.0. 1.0 covers drawing and watercolor painting, 2.0 will cover acrylic painting and sculpture.  

  1.  Teaches essentials! Each lesson teaches essential skills, principles and techniques that will empower your teen to draw whatever they want. 
  2. Inspires creativity! Each lesson concludes with an art challenge that sets students up to test their skills and create their own unique artworks. 
  3. Provides community! As students join the course they are invited to join our private Facebook group where students can give and receive feedback, encouragement and mark each other's art. 

What is included in Inspire My Artist 1.0?

  • 18 video lessons.  
    This amounts to 18 weeks of art lessons, 14 fine artworks, and assuming 1hr 5 days a week approximately 90 credit hours. 
  • Bonus resources with each lesson.
    Including printable downloads and links to my favorite online resources and videos. 
  • A credit on your teen's transcript. 
    This course can be recorded as either a bulky half credit (estimated at 90 credit hours) or stretched to 2 weeks per lesson with 3.5 hrs a week and be recorded as a 120 credit hour full credit.  Thanks to marking in the community group your teen can receive a letter grade.  
  • The opportunity to explore multiple mediums. 
    In 1.0 we cover pencil, collage, colored pencils, watercolors, ink, and pastels. 
  • All supplies available online. 
    I have prepared a supplies page with hyperlinks directly to the supplies needed. It is possible to get all supplies delivered from one source online.  US and Canada.  I have links for both artist grade materials and student grade, so that it is possible to choose the best supplies within your budget.
  • Art history research projects. 
    Two lessons to teach students how to research art history and the questions to ask.  Students will learn about prehistoric art and Egyptian art, research an artwork they choose, create a presentation and a personal art piece inspired by historic art. 
  • Lifetime access to all material. For all your children at one price. 
    You will have access to the course for all your children.  All future improvements and price increases you will have grandfathered in access. 

Inspire My Artist 1.0 Course Outline

​Week 1: Starting Strong: See Like an Artist and Draw Realistically
Week 2: Mastering the Elements of Art: Drawing an Awesome Still Life.
Week 3: Depicting Motion; Drawing horses 4 ways.
Week 4: Ripping into Value; The Secret to Light and Shadow for Realistic Drawings.
Week 5: Hyper Realistic Value Drawing; Draw Water Drops, Metal, Glass, and Fabric like a Pro.
Week 6: Learning from the Masters; Prehistoric Edition
Week 7: Going from Good to Wow! The Principles of Composition.
Week 8: Colored Pencils Tips and Tricks: Art that Jumps Off the Page!
Week 9: Dipping your Toes in Watercolors: Artistic Freedom and Beautiful Colors.
Week 10: Art you Could Walk Into: Adding Depth Using Point Perspective Principles.
Week 11: Wash your Illustrations with Color! Capturing Light with Watercolors.
Week 12: Learning from the Masters: Egyptian Edition.
Week 13: Build an Epic Comic Page by Studying Figures with Gesture Drawings.
Week 14: Finding your personal style; Watercolor and Crosshatching Techniques.
Week 15: Drawing the Figure Tastefully and Accurately: Using Charcoal and Chalk
Week 16: Realistic Fuzzy Animal Drawings: Draw your pet, a bear, a tiger...
Week 17: Painting with Pastels. Making Fur look Real.
Week 18: First Impression: “Wow!” Your Level One Portfolio

General Supply List

Sample Lesson - One Point Perspective 

Art Challenge Artwork Samples:

A realistic self portrait by the end of the first week!

Point perspective principles don't necessarily mean architecture, but that's great too.

Pastels are a pleasure to use, especially when making fur.

Inspire your artist today!
Give them what they need to succeed!

​Join today and access 18 weeks of inspiring art lessons. Give your teen the art curriculum that will teach them to draw whatever they want realistically and with imagination! And add a credit in art to your transcript!    

No Risk: If your teen is not loving the lessons and making their own impressive art within 30 days, just ask and I'll refund your money. 

Only 49$

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Crystal Parker
Creator of Inspire My Artist 1.0

About Me.

I'm a young mother of 3 girls under 5.  I still remember what it's like to be a teen artist.  I used to copy from books and draw trees in my yard.  When I was in high school and I began to learn how to draw realistically art went from being an interest to a passion. 

I always loved doing portraits for the challenge, acrylic painting for fluidity of the medium and my own unique ink drawings that I've found oddly beautiful.  Art is a way to relax and express myself, I hope that I can introduce others to the same joys.  

What about your other options?

When planning to teach art as an elective homeschoolers have almost too many options and it can be overwhelming to choose what to do. That's why I offer a complete money back guarantee if my curriculum doesn't work for you. 

Couldn't I just use google and YouTube to make my own art curriculum?

Some of us are thrifty.  We want to save as much as our hard earned money as possible.  We also have a limited amount of time in every day.  It takes a great deal of time to scour the internet to sort out the good and the bad and build a good curriculum.  If the time investment is worth the cost savings to you then it's a viable option. If you want to preserve your valuable time I've already done the work to prepare a complete progressive art curriculum for you that your teen will love. 

Why use an online art curriculum when I could buy a reusable print art curriculum.  

For some of us a print curriculum is good enough.  I've heard good things about artistic pursuits, it covers essential techniques and principles.  My curriculum has three main advantages over a print curriculum.  One: It will better hold the attention of a modern teen that a dry text as they have a teacher speaking directly to them.  Two: They are connected to other artists, with our community group they will be able to receive feedback and encouragement with each project.  Three: A letter grade.  Having a letter grade to show how they've progressed in their art is a satisfying and useful bonus.  

Why not take my teen to live art classes instead?

Live art classes are exciting and fun, but they are not the same as an art curriculum.  They generally focus on one medium and are usually limited to copy me art where the student copies the teacher. There's also the additional difficulty of traveling to each lesson.  And the cost is much higher usually 30$ or more per lesson.  A live lesson in a unique medium like pottery is a fun extra, but I think students will benefit more from a progressive curriculum that covers essential techniques and principles and touches on multiple mediums. 

What about other video curriculum?

There are other video curriculum available for homeschoolers, most of what I've seen are step by step lessons.  Step by step lessons can work if the teacher is exciting and makes a point to explain the techniques and principles as they go so that the students can carry away skills to apply to their own art. Unfortunately with most step-by-step lessons I find the experience is like being the passenger in a car, you get there but you can't remember how.  When you get yourself there you always remember how.    

More Art Challenge Artwork Samples:

A movie or book poster teaches design principles.

Horses are majestic animals, lets learn how to draw them in action!  

Identify values is the first step to shading realistically! 

Here is what you get with Inspire My Artist 1.0

  • 18 Video Lessons covering the skills, principles and techniques your teen needs.
  • 18 Art challenges that will inspire your teen to create their own unique art. 
  • A community group to access other homeschooled teen artists.
  • Access all materials online directly from the material list to an online source. US and Canada
  • A letter grade at the end of the course. Give accurate credit for work well done. 
  • Your teen's fine art hanging on your walls for all to see and enjoy!

Only 49$

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If your teen is not enjoying making their own beautiful art by 30 days from purchase, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

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