So, your teen loves art? As a busy homeschool mom, you may not have the time or the skills to inspire your artist...


Luckily, I have the skills and I've invested the time to get you started with my free ebook:  The Minimum a Homeschooler Needs to Start Painting with Acrylics: Easy Start Guide.  


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As a self-trained artist and as a homeschool mom I recognize the long term benefits of fine arts to our children. So, I'm building a high school fine arts curriculum with projects that boost creativity and imagination where each student's art is unique.

  • Teens are mature and deserve lessons that will inspire their creativity, not follow along and copy the teacher lessons. 
  • They want to learn real art techniques and principles so they can draw whatever they want, whenever they want. 
  • When teens are given the artistic freedom they crave and the skills they need, then art becomes a passion that is fully self-directed.

Are you ready to homeschool fine art at a higher level?

Do you want: Projects that boost creativity and imagination, where each student's art is unique, and that are designed for independent learning?
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Art should always be a journey and an adventure into the unique creative world of our imaginations. 

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